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There are various resources available to referees, many of which can be found at the MNSRC website.  Below is a list of some resources:

Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game - This is a useful resource that provides detailed examples and interpretations of the laws of the game. We recommend new referees use this in conjunction with the Laws of The Game in order to improve understanding and foul recognition.

Laws of the Game - The "Rule" Book.  This is simply the laws of the game with no examples.  Good resource but recommend consulting the Advice to Referees... for new referees and returning referees who want a more comprehensive refresher.

Referee Prep Game - our club will try to hold a scrimmage with 2 teams at the beginning of each season for new referees to come and get exposure to the soccer game.  Each referee will have an experienced referee as a "shadow" who will then give the new referee helpful tips and pointers.

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